The eco decryption. The government to the aid of the self-employed and small bosses

Until now, the solidarity fund has only been reserved for a few affected sectors. (FR? D? RIC CIROU / MAXPPP)

The government announced new measures for businesses on October 8. The solidarity fund has been extended to 31 new activities and companies with up to 50 employees, against 20 so far.

With the crisis, the self-employed, traders and small bosses are not getting by. Between decline in order books and administrative closures, those who are self-employed find themselves in serious financial difficulty. They are not entitled to unemployment or partial unemployment, and the aid that the State has put in place for companies since the crisis is not always well calibrated for them. Some of the bosses had to do without. For example, the solidarity fund, which can pay up to 10,000 euros to a company in difficulty, had been reserved since July only for a few disaster-stricken sectors such as tourism, culture and sport.

Can the new measures be enough? We have to wait and see, but with these new rules, the government hopes to reach 75 000 additional companies in addition to the 150 000 which already met the criteria. Since the start of the health crisis, this solidarity fund has already helped more than a million and a half businesses, which has cost the State more than six billion euros

Flying to the aid of these small structures is strategic because in France, SMEs represent 99% of our companies, they are the engine of the French economy. It is also questionable whether these measures do not come too late. We are already seeing signs of poverty among these small bosses and artisans.

For example, the charities that Jean Castex received at the beginning of the week launched the alert : in food banks, there are more and more freelancers and self-employed people, whom we did not see before. Departmental councils are also worried, RSA requests are exploding. Many are precisely made by these small ruined bosses, at the end of the roll, for whom the RSA is the last resort.

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