The eco decryption. The government is expanding its plan to help companies in difficulty

A restaurant in the Tarn femé because of the measures taken against the Covid-19. (PASCALE DANYEL / FRANCE-BLEU OCCITANIE)

The evolution of the crisis requires constant monitoring and reactivity. Every day the government discusses with professionals, decides, decides. What the Minister of the Economy, Finance and Recovery, Bruno Le Maire, announces first, is a strengthening of the coverage of the fixed costs of the companies most penalized by the crisis. Fixed costs are the charges that the company must pay, regardless of its level of activity: office or factory rent, electricity costs, administrative costs, etc.

The State undertakes to take back between 70% and 90% of the fixed costs of companies in the hotel, catering and tourism industries under the conditions of defined amounts of turnover. It is a question of supporting the structures for which the ceiling of 200,000 euros per month of the solidarity fund is not sufficient. The scales will be reduced for hotels and restaurants in ski resorts but also for sports halls or zoos which generate less than one million euros in turnover. Ditto for the 22,000 shops located in shopping centers hit by administrative closure.

This improvement in the support plan for some will be accompanied by a hardening for some others, in this case the fast food companies which will see their conditions of access to the solidarity fund strengthened. To benefit from it, they will have to justify a loss of at least 20% of their turnover. These establishments benefit from the closure of traditional restaurants. As Bruno Le Maire says: “We end up with fast food restaurants that are living much better than before with a turnover up 120 to 130%.” Strengthening the conditions of access to the solidarity fund for these establishments is both a measure of equity and of economic rebalancing. It should be noted that the solidarity fund represents for the State an expenditure of 4.5 to 5 billion euros each month.

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