The eco decryption. Shortages of raw materials drive up prices and worry SMEs

An estimate can go from single to double because of changes in the prices of raw materials (illustration). (JOSSELIN CLAIR / MAXPPP)

Faced with soaring commodity prices, small and medium-sized businesses are asking for help. Their representatives are received Tuesday, June 15 in Bercy. According to the CPME (Confederation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises), small businesses are taken by the throat by the surge in raw materials: + 20% price increase on cardboard, + 25% on wood, + 30% for steel.

Almost 60% of companies are affected by these price increases and cut their margins because they do not always dare to pass them on to customers, especially when it comes to individuals. Imagine! You do homework, raise a house, redo your kitchen and in a few months, an estimate can go from simple to double because of changes in the prices of raw materials. Lthe pill is difficult to swallow.

Many sectors are concerned: the automobile which consumes a lot of plastic, the price of which has increased in recent months, the same for the food industry, which uses a lot of packaging. Result: because of these increases, we must also expect to pay more for our food products, especially fruits and vegetables, etc …

A surge in prices due to the recovery. Lhe world economy is booming again. And demand is strong, much more than anticipated. The production companies cannot keep up, which creates shortages. PFor example, in recent months, automobile factories have had to stop for lack of semiconductors, construction sites are falling behind because there is no longer zinc, wood, materials …

But the government cannot guarantee the prices except on certain very defined products, such as drugs for example. Employers’ organizations are asking, however, that the tariffs paid by public buyers – that is to say the ministries, communities, administrations, etc. – can be indexed, modeled on the price of raw materials.

Without going that far, the government will above all ask the sectors to show solidarity, in other words, that French steelworks reserve their steel in priority for national companies, that French wood remains in France rather than being imported. . History not to slow down the recovery too much.

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