The eco decryption. Ikea makes its revolution

An Ikea store in Lomme (North). (JULIE SEBADELHA / HANS LUCAS)

It is a page that is turned. The Swedish furniture giant’s catalog was distributed in around fifty countries, translated into around thirty languages. 4 years ago, Ikea had printed 200 million copies. But according to the company, customers don’t read it anymore. They find their products on the internet. Removing the catalog is a way to stick more to the ecological concerns of consumers, but also to avoid waste. Ikea is committed to reducing its climate footprint by 70% on average per product by 2030.

In the same vein, the brand is also launching its first second-hand store. For the moment, it is a test project, in Sweden, in a shopping center in Stockholm. There should soon be more, especially in India. The products offered in this second-hand shop are repaired after being damaged, for example, during transport. Others are collected from customers, to give them a second life. Ikea repackages them before selling them at lower prices.

A new concept which arrives whereas last year, Ikea had already launched another pilot project where the brand rented furniture. The aim is to limit overconsumption. AT each time, the area of ​​its stores is reduced. Nothing to do with the XXL surfaces on the outskirts of the cities that have made Ikea so successful. Moreover, the furniture giant is emphasizing stores in the city center, without parking lots. This is the case in Paris, where a boutique opened last year in the Madeleine district. Ikea wants to capture an urban clientele, who get around on foot or by public transport, a “bobo” clientele.

It is difficult to say if this new positioning is bearing fruit or if it is the growing appeal of consumers confined to their home. But Ikea is doing pretty well in the Covid crisis. The Swedish brand estimates that it has lost barely 4% of its turnover this year. More than ever, the brand is focusing on online commerce. Moreover Ikea France will put 250 million euros on digital. It must be said that online orders now represent almost half of its sales.

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