The eco decryption. Covid-19: the government wants to speed up vaccination in companies

An employee vaccinated in her company in Montpellier in the! Hérault. (MICHAEL ESDOURRUBAILH / MAXPPP)

Until now, the occupational health services lacked vaccines, were rationed, and had to go to pharmacies. This will no longer be the case, they will have a direct circuit to receive, this month, 100,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccines. Another novelty is that they will also be able to have Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, provided they are equipped with the appropriate refrigerators.

This is the commitment made by the Minister of Labor Elisabeth Borne, who wants to intensify the vaccination campaign in companies. According to her, nearly 5 million employees are likely to be affected. Knowing that today, in companies, barely more than 60,000 vaccinations have been carried out within the occupational health services.

The minister is also responding to a request from Medef and CFDT. Monday, May 3, during a joint press conference, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, the boss of the employers, and Laurent Berger, the leader of the reformist union, expressed their annoyance: the occupational health services are under- used in anti-covid vaccination. A serious error when, each year, they demonstrate their effectiveness in vaccinating employees against influenza.

According to a study carried out among CFDT members, 84% of employees are ready to receive the vaccine at their workplace. It must be said that it is simple, the employer cannot oppose your absence, you can be vaccinated during your working hours and obviously, this remains subject to medical confidentiality.

The largest companies will be able to vaccinate because they are better equipped, they often have integrated occupational health services. : Total and Safran, for example, have already volunteered for the anti-Covid vaccination. The smaller ones use outsourced occupational medicine centers that bring together several companies. Still, with the arrival of vaccine doses, there should be an acceleration, everywhere, promises the ministry.

Small clarification: the occupational physicians apply, as elsewhere, the criteria defined by the Ministry of Health, that is to say to vaccinate the over 55 years, and adults suffering from comorbidities. And from May 15, those who are over 50 years old, with no health problem.

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