The eco brief. Zoom, Spotify and even AMD make their entry into the Kantar ranking of the 100 most powerful brands

Zoom software among the brands that have benefited from the Covid-19 crisis. (OLIVIER DOULIERY / AFP)

The Zoom software, the Spotify audio platform or even the manufacturer of electronic chips AMD can say thank you respectively to confinement, teleworking, the need for relaxation in times of stress and the shortage of semiconductors. Zoom, Spotify and AMD are among the brands that this year join this ranking of companies having experienced the strongest growth over the last twelve months.

The Kantar index takes into account the opinions of consumers and the financial performance of companies. The 2020 edition shows that the cumulative value of the 100 brands screened has increased by more than 40%, a historic performance. 2020 – 2021 were record years for the growth of brands that were able to react and take advantage of the new expectations generated by the pandemic. Zoom, Spotify and AMD integrate a ranking that is still dominated by Amazon and Apple, therefore, predominance of Americans. American hegemony is confirmed: 56 of the top 100 brands in the Kantar ranking are from across the Atlantic, ahead of China. Electric car maker Tesla is the brand that recorded the strongest year-on-year growth (+ 275%) alongside Chinese TikTok. The video sharing mobile app has doubled in value.

The first European is in 21st position, it is the luxury group Louis Vuitton. Five French brands appear in this ranking: Chanel is 40th, Hermès 43rd, L’Oréal 48th and the telecommunications operator Orange 91st. Total value of the growth achieved over one year by the hundred classified companies: a little more than 7,000 billion dollars (nearly 6,000 billion euros), the equivalent of the GDP (the wealth produced over the year) of France and Germany together.

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