The eco brief. Who are the 500 French companies that are champions of growth?

DRAWING. It is not only CAC 40 companies in the ranking of the companies with the strongest growth. (ERIC AUDRAS / MAXPPP)

It is not enough to be a stock market star to be successful in terms of growth. The whole point of this annual ranking established by the Statista institute, the fifth edition of which is published on Friday 5 February, is to prove it. The period studied runs from 2016 to 2019, therefore excluding the pandemic, but when we look at these companies today, the containment has not weakened their dynamism.

The company which takes the first step of the podium recorded over the period studied (2016-2019) 4,388% growth in its turnover. It is the Go Job company, specializing in digital temporary employment, a sort of employment Airbnb. Go Job is developing a system of recommendations and ratings created by an algorithm from data deemed most relevant on candidates (duration and date of last job, absences, delays, etc.). This makes it possible to preselect more quickly the profiles that will best match the needs of recruiters while promoting diversity.

All sectors appear in the classification: from the vineyard to waste treatment, including transport and storage. The founding boss of Go Job left San Francisco in 2015 after selling his then start-up for more than $ 60 million before returning to France.

In this list, we find other nuggets with this year the emphasis placed on the recruitment of skills and advice in the process of industrialization of technological projects. Paris-based Kickmaker comes in second with more than 3,200% growth over the past four years. In short: the recruitment and promotion of sectors of the future with the digital revolution… which is encouraging.

The awarded companies focus on building customer loyalty online, launching brands and products from a blog, pooling costs, offering complete and secure services, and finally, they make it a point of honor to publicize the “Made in France”.

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