The eco brief. The fate is hitting Boeing

Boeing 787 construction line at the Everett site (USA). Illustrative photo. (STEPHEN BRASHEAR / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFP)

On Saturday February 20, the engine of a Boeing 777 caught fire over Denver in the United States; there was the 737 MAX grounded for two years after two air disasters. This time it’s the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. A long-haul twin-jet, commissioned in 2009, which can carry around 250 passengers over 16,000 km non-stop. The American sky regulator imposes the recall to the hangar of 222 planes of this type.

Already in December, problems had been noted with the fuselage. But it is from the baggage hold that the final questions come. There are decompression issues. Panels that provide air management have torn in several B787 Dreamliner’s, necessitating quick inspections.

Each Dreamliner inspection cycle will cost the manufacturer nearly $ 57,000 (just under $ 47,000) for an operation that will have to be repeated within 120 days for each of the 200 or so planes involved. The tile Boeing would have done well after the setbacks encountered on other aircraft including the famous 737 MAX. The aircraft began to take off after having remained grounded since 2019 because of two air disasters which killed nearly 350 people.

Technical and safety problems, plus collapse of air traffic with the pandemic, for 2020, Boeing is posting a net loss of twelve billion dollars. However, the competitor Airbus does not rub his hands. An operator who drinks, it is the entire sector that is penalized. The misfortune of some does not systematically make the happiness of others.

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