The eco brief. The crisis does not affect sponsorship … for the moment

Signing a check. Illustrative photo. (CARO LAURENT / MAXPPP)

More and more French companies are engaging in patronage activities. Fund associations, NGOs, festivals, environmental, humanitarian or general interest causes, and the idea does not only appeal to large groups. SMEs, SMIs and ETIs too. Despite their own current difficulties, companies intend to continue to mobilize next year: according to the Ifop survey for Admical, 72% of companies already engaged in sponsorship actions plan to stabilize their budgets allocated in 2021 to meet massive needs. associations.

It is true that while the Coronavirus pandemic had the immediate effect of triggering a spontaneous and unprecedented surge of solidarity, the economic and health crisis is disrupting habits. The statements are rather encouraging but the general delegate of Admical, Sylvaine Parriaux, remains vigilant and fears in the long term a slowdown in the commitments of large companies. The reorientation of patronage budgets towards the social and health sectors that emerges from this survey suggests major difficulties for other sectors of general interest such as culture.

Admical figures between 3 and 3.6 million euros the sums spent by French companies of all sizes to finance patronage actions. About 2 billion are declared to benefit from the tax advantages provided by the government. This means that a little over $ 1.5 billion is spent by corporations without taking advantage of the tax measures in force. A societal commitment with no required return is also sponsorship.

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