The eco brief. The Chinese VTC Caocao platform is looking for CDI drivers in France

Hands on a steering wheel. Illustrative photo. (ODILON DIMIER / MAXPPP)

CaoCao was launched two years ago in Paris. The structure rents out a hundred large black taxis with seven seats to service providers. Plug-in hybrid versions recognizable by their profile: they look like the iconic London taxis. This subsidiary of the Chinese automobile giant Geely is trying to find a place in this very competitive world of VTCs against traditional taxis.

Initially, CaoCao intends to directly hire around twenty drivers with contracts of 39 hours per week for 1,800 euros gross per month, excluding bonus. Today, most French drivers are self-employed and with the resumption of activity, the management of the platform has had difficulty finding candidates. The company, led in France by Veruschka Becquart, said that the driver population might be changing, hence the idea of ​​hiring on contracts as the parent company is already doing in China.

The status of independent VTC driver is more and more contested in the world, ditto for the couriers of companies like Deliveroo, Uber Eats and all the others. Operators are accused of abusing the status of self-employed worker to avoid paying social security contributions. They start to look for compromises.

But that has started to change, especially in the UK. British justice has forced Uber to grant more than 70,000 drivers a status of salaried workers which allows them in particular to benefit from paid leave. In France, the Anglo-Dutch delivery man Just Eat announced at the start of the year the recruitment of more than 4,000 people on permanent contracts in some thirty cities. The Chinese CaoCao is also doing it to grow in Europe. All operators know very well that the logic of wage labor will prevail in these sectors, especially as Brussels could decide on new legislation by the end of this year.

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