The eco brief. Reindustrialising France: is it possible?


Should we relocate our industries or prefer a reindustrialisation of our territories? This is the whole debate. Relocate yes, but all industries no. And among the activities to be relocated, it is obviously necessary to prioritize everything that is strategic, such as part of the drugs and vaccines.

>> VIDEO. Are we really going to reindustrialize France? Follow the discussions of the Cercle des Economistes live and ask your questions

For Louis Gallois, president of the “La Fabrique de l’Industrie” think tank, the urgency is to focus on maintaining existing industrial activity by promoting the modernization of production facilities. He will speak on Thursday February 4 during the day of debate organized by franceinfo and the Circle of Economists.

Beyond the recovery plans, it is a question of setting mobilizing objectives. Except for research and innovation, the reindustrialisation of France is not just a question of money. Promoting the dynamics of the territories is a priority. Should we relocate, reindustrialize or locate new industries?

There is also human capital with all the questions related to the training and retraining of employees left behind during this crisis. They will have to learn other trades, in other sectors of activity. It will certainly be the most difficult turn to negotiate, at all levels.

France is not the only one concerned. According to INSEE, the weight of industry has declined everywhere in Europe since the mid-1990s. In the United Kingdom, it has fallen from 18% to 10%. From 20 to 15% in Italy and from 16 to 11% in France.

In this almost global context of deindustrialisation, how can we promote local initiatives in France and in Europe? What public action to take and with what means? So many questions at the heart of current events asked throughout this day with the Cercle des economistes. Major witnesses and many business leaders in the regions will be invited to speak. This day can be followed on, on the antennas of Radio France and with the regional daily Ouest-France.

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