The eco brief. Prime Macron: something new for employees until 2022

Maintenance agents work in the streets of Paris. Maintenance agents are part of the second line trades that can benefit from the “Macron bonus”. Illustrative photo. (VINCENT ISORE / MAXPPP)

Details were given on Wednesday April 28 during a meeting between the government and social partners on sharing the value generated by businesses. The tax-free bonus of a maximum amount of 1,000 euros will be possible up to a salary of three monthly minimum wage (4,600 euros gross / 3,700 net). For so-called second line employees, the ceiling may be increased to 2,000 euros provided they sign a profit-sharing agreement. 17 second-line trades have been identified, ranging from farmers to maintenance agents, including butchers, security guards, qualified public works workers, etc.

First, the company must decide. Then, the company or branch of activity must formally commit to actions to enhance the value of the workers concerned (organize working time, involve employees in decision-making, etc.). This will have to be formalized in a method agreement to organize the discussions and, to give sufficient negotiation time within the companies, the bonus can be paid until the beginning of 2022, which means at least the first quarter of the year. next year.

The payment of this premium free of charges is, for the business manager who decides – and whose cash allows it – a valuable tool for mobilizing employees. There is also talk of facilitating the use of profit-sharing and profit-sharing in companies with less than 50 employees, but this is long-term and over time. Beyond the legitimate thanks of the employees involved during the crisis, anything that helps to fluidify relations between the company and its employees is precious. The mechanisms put in place by the government participate in this dynamic.

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