The eco brief. Olivier Dassault, the disappearance of an industrialist at heart

Deputy Olivier Dassault in Beauvais (Oise), March 5, 2021. (LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP)

Air Force Reserve Commander, aviation enthusiast, himself a pilot, Olivier Dassault had kept the link with the group founded by his grandfather and then headed by his father Serge Dassault. The latter had moreover appointed him deputy director of Europe Falcon-Service in the mid-1980s. The Falcons, business jets very popular around the world. Olivier Dassault will also lead the strategy of the civilian aircraft branch of Dassault Aviation, which manufactures the Rafale, the combat aircraft.

His future at the head of the family group was all mapped out but he will make a different choice. Ten years ago Olivier Dassault was appointed chairman of the group’s Supervisory Board, in a good position to take the reins of the family empire. But in 2018, a few months before the death of his father Serge, he announced his decision to resign due to incompatibility with his mandate as a deputy. His only term of office as a director of the group was renewed for four years in 2019.

We find Olivier Dassault in the ranking of great global fortunes. It is far from being at the top of the ranking but in its 2020 edition the American magazine Forbes placed Serge Dassault’s son as the 361st world fortune. Personal fortune valued at 7 billion euros. Finally, Olivier Dassault was vice-president of the Valmonde press group with the titles World Show, Current values and Hunting days that he himself created. Valmonde was sold in 2006 but the adventure in the press continues for the Dassault empire with Le Figaro. Groupe Figaro, today the leader in the written press, also present in digital content, particularly active in cultural modules.

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