The eco brief. Lego made biggest profit in its history during containment

Lego bricks. (MAXPPP)

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The Danish group’s global market share has skyrocketed despite the temporary closure of its factories in China and Mexico, which caused delivery costs to soar. But Lego held on and absorbed the shock. Its turnover exceeded six billion euros for a final profit of 1.3 billion, up 20% over the year. Internet sales have doubled and the group has also benefited from the opening of 130 new stores, including 90 in China in the midst of a health crisis.

This success is based on two words: idea and marketing. The creator decides to put on the face of the character a neutral expression, without mention of sex or race, to give free rein to the imagination of the children. This brings us directly back to the question of gender, but we are in 1978. The Danish inventor of the Lego character was more than 40 years ahead of the debates that animate us today.

Lego is among the top three toy makers in the world, alongside Hasbro and Mattel with its famous Barbie. The group experienced great difficulties in the 2000s with competition from video games. He then launched into jewelry and children’s clothing, amusement parks, but the transplant did not take. A new boss arrives in 2003 and it’s the revolution. The group signs operating franchises, in particular to develop a collection Star wars. Star wars save Lego.

New restructuring in 2017, multimedia makeover and, of course, a shift towards sustainability. Synonymous with longevity, Lego promises to ensure most of its production of small briquettes with 100% recyclable materials by 2030. Did you know? Lego is the contraction of the Danish “leg godt”. Which means “play well”.

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