The eco brief. Gender equality in companies: towards a new legislative text

The legs and feet of a woman and a man. Illustrative photo. (ODILON DIMIER / MAXPPP)

Bruno Le Maire wants a bill to be tabled to this effect by mid-March with a binding text. The Minister starts from an observation: despite the speeches and texts that exist, the management committees of French companies do not even have 20% of women, less than a quarter of the governing bodies. A single woman now heads one of the 40 CAC 40 companies: Catherine MacGregor, who succeeded Isabelle Kocher at the head of the energy group Engie.

Bruno Le Maire wants a legislative text “short, ambitious, with a limited number of devices, but which is really a game-changer “. It would be a question of imposing quotas among the leaders who occupy the 10% of positions with the highest responsibility. A roadmap that falls almost ten years to the day after the adoption of the Copé-Zimmerman law, which imposed 40% of women on boards of directors. We are far from it, the glass ceiling still exists in far too many companies.

Sweden is presented as a pioneer in terms of gender equality in companies. In Germany, a law is being prepared to impose the compulsory appointment of women in companies in which the State is a shareholder. There is also France with the public service: Radio France, for example, is committed to increasing the already existing diversity on its antennas through its “Equality 360 °” plan. Finally, more than anecdotal: the Paris stock exchange has just recruited a woman as president and CEO. At 47, Delphine d’Armazit will become on March 15 the first woman in stock market history to head Euronext, which manages the Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon and Oslo stock exchanges.

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