The eco brief. France remains the most attractive country in Europe despite the crisis

The city of Paris in March 2020 (ALEXIS SCIARD / MAXPPP)

With 16,600 foreign companies now established in France, the country ahead of the United Kingdom and Germany. These companies represent 2.3 million jobs and provide a little more than 20% of our annual GDP, the national wealth produced each year. All these companies provide a third of French exports, according to the annual barometer established by the firm EY for 2020.

Despite a drop in number compared to 2019, France retains its leadership rank with 985 foreign investment projects last year. These are direct industrial establishments or the reinforcement of existing structures. We also note the choice of France to set up research and development centers. All of this has resulted in the creation of 30,500 jobs.

Foreign investors are looking for the great classics: fiscal and regulatory stability, attention to social issues and the desire to encourage investments towards ecological transition. Research tax credit, reduction of corporate tax, transformation of the ISF into tax on real estate wealth … If these points are often criticized by some on the political level, they show their results on the economic level in favor investment and employment.

This classification clearly appears to be a satisfaction for the policy pursued so far, in particular with the recovery plan. Above all, this proves that international investment can be seen as an important driving force behind the recovery, ie a message of openness and not of closing our borders on the technological and industrial level. An asset for the recovery and a very clear message sent to our leaders on the eve of the presidential election at a time when the economic programs of the various candidates are being knitted.

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