The eco brief. Administration, shops: Emmanuel Macron puts everyone face to face with their responsibilities

Emmanuel Macron during his speech on Tuesday, November 24, 2020 (THOMAS COEX / AFP)

Small shops, booksellers and record stores will be able to reopen under a strict health protocol negotiated with all professionals. Discussions will therefore continue. Restaurants will have to wait until January 20 and bars remain uncertain.

If the gradual resumption of activity is clearly put forward, it remains strictly supervised. A breath of fresh air necessary but not under any conditions. The Head of State was very clear on the issue on Tuesday, November 24. The President of the Republic could only hear the appeal launched by the traders: “Open or kill us, we ask you, Mr. President, to choose “, chanted the federations of traders in recent days.

Each municipality, each city, can bear witness to the accumulated losses. An investigation by credit insurer Euler-Hermes speaks of a forecast shortfall for so-called non-essential businesses close to eleven billion euros for the period November-December.

We must do everything to avoid a third wave of Covid-19 and therefore a new economically devastating confinement, but beware of too much bureaucracy: this is the message sent to an administration that would make the state ineffective in the face of the crisis. emergency. It should be read between the lines: “We have identified some of our weaknesses: an imperfect organization, too much bureaucracy, sometimes an unequal sense of responsibility, insisted Emmanuel Macron. In the coming months, we will need to consolidate our strengths and correct our vulnerabilities. ” Words, of course, but with three ideas in the background: the health imperative as a priority, the debt wall with the cost-effectiveness of the decisions taken to support the economy, and the electoral deadlines with the regional ones in March. 2021 and, further on, the presidential election.

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