The donor’s heart beat in the chest of the transplant

HueThree days after the heart transplant of a young man in Vung Tau was brain-donated, the 34-year-old man in Hue breathed himself, his heart functioned well.

On December 5, at Hue Central Hospital, the patient has had heart failure for 7 years, now the hemodynamic and biochemical indicators are stable, the heart function is working well. The team of doctors at Hue Central Hospital performing the heart transplant performed a sigh of relief.

34-year-old healthy patient, can help sit up after heart transplant, morning 5/12. Image: Nhat Tan

The organ donor was a young man in Vung Tau who had a brain deadly traffic accident. The organs of the brother of the National Organ Transplant Coordination Committee received on December 2, transporting two kidneys to Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City to transplant for two people, the heart gave to Hue Central Hospital to transplant for the impaired man. This heart, liver transferred to Hospital 108 in Hanoi to transplant for a patient.

The donor’s heart was escorted by the traffic police, supported by the airline, to Phu Bai airport, Hue, at 16:45 on December 2. 30 minutes later, Professor, Dr. Pham Nhu Hiep, Director of Hue Central Hospital instructed the surgical team to start the heart transplant. After nearly two hours of the transplant, the heart’s heart beat again in the recipient’s chest.

After the heart transplant, the patient is receiving special care, carefully monitoring the hemodynamic and biochemical indices.

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