The doctor conveys his feelings in the song “Confiding in the frontline people”

Ho Chi Minh CityDoctors of Dermatology Hospital performed the song “Confiding in the frontline people” composed by musician Holy Thang for the anti-epidemic force.

The song was performed, recorded and recorded by Dr. Tran Ba ​​Tong, nurse Truong Thanh Phung and pharmacist Truong Tan Phat at the 12 field hospital in charge of Dermatology Hospital. After completing her work at this hospital, nurse Phung is continuing with her colleagues to take on new tasks at the 3rd floor field hospital, number 16.

The song conveys the feelings, confidants and hardships of frontline doctors and nurses as well as reminds people to protect themselves from Covid-19 infection, contributing to reducing infections and reducing the load on frontline forces. anti-epidemic. Many medical staff have sacrificed their personal happiness, leaving their children and elderly parents to settle down in the battle against the epidemic for many months, with all their enthusiasm, dedication and work.

The doctors sang “Confiding in the frontline people”. Video: Ho Chi Minh City Dermatology Hospital

When Covid-19 broke out strongly, the doctors of the Ho Chi Minh City Dermatology Hospital participated in the fight against the epidemic at many “fronts” such as the 12 field hospital, the concentrated isolation center at the Postal Academy Dormitory. Telecommunications, community vaccination points, sampling for testing, checkpoints at the city’s gateway… Recently, they continued to set off to receive new tasks at mobile medical stations in District 12, the hospital. 3-storey field hospital.

Le Phuong