The doctor cleared $ 650,000 of debt for cancer patients

AmericaDr. Omar Atiq, director of the cancer clinic at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, has cleared the debt of 200 patients with the total amount of $ 650,000.

This clinic is currently closed. At Christmas, oncologist Omar Atiq writes to the old patients of the clinic, informing them that their unpaid medical expenses will be eliminated, with a “Happy Holidays”.

Atiq used to work with rental collection companies to collect money patients owed to clinics. Now, realizing that many people are insolvent, he stops collecting debts.

“Entering the profession of doctor, I always feel pain when witnessing the worries that torment patients from health, quality of life, longevity, work, family and money,” he said. to speak. “In the meltdown of the epidemic, fortunately God still gives us peace, so I do this (write off debt) in the spirit of contributing to the community”.

Arkansas Medical College, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, where Dr. Omar Atiq is currently professor. Image: NYP

Dr. Atiq is a professor at the Medical College of Arkansas, Little Rock. Many of the patients who come to his clinic have almost no assets or go bankrupt after cancer treatment.

“Life seems unfair to people like them,” he said.

He hopes his actions will help the sick “breathe a little easier”, so that they will have more strength to face other difficulties in the future.

The unborn (According to the NY Post)


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