The DeLorean from Back to the Future becomes an object of nostalgia … in Normandy

Almost four decades after the release of Robert Zemeckis’ film, a Norman engineer rents customized cars that allow science fiction enthusiasts to return to the past.

Like Steve McQueen’s Ford Mustang in Bullit or James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5, the DeLorean of Back to the future belongs to the history of the seventh art. It is with this racing car, the DMC-12, a true steel actor in Robert Zemeckis’ cult film, that Marty Mc Fly alias Michael J. Fox made the most incredible time travel.

Today, almost forty years after the release of the first part of the trilogy, a young 27-year-old electronic engineer – who was therefore not yet born in 1985 – offers film lovers passionate about science fiction and cars roaring to live or relive their childhood dream.

Dimitri Soulivet, who imagines this return to the future since his earliest childhood, had to wait until his twenties to finally find the rare pearl on the Internet. Joined by the Figaro, this maniac of the spatio-temporal wheel was kind enough to explain how he achieved the feat of restarting his first wonder: “Moved like a kid who dreamed of his toy for months, I did everything with my own hands without knowing anything about the mechanics. A DeLorean is a 40 year old car and ultimately it is less complex than a current car. For the beginner that I was, seven years ago it was perfect.

This Norman Geo Trouvetou does not claim that his DeLorean would be equipped with the essential time convector which allowed the heroes of the Zemeckis trilogy to defy the passing of time. On the other hand, all the other attributes of the car have been reproduced identically: the body is made of this inimitable silver stainless steel and the 60-degree profiling gives back this unique impression of interstellar speed that makes you believe that you can go as fast. than light.

Today the interstellar journey has therefore become reality. For the relatively modest sum of 150 euros, Dimitri Soulivet baptizes the new travelers of space-time. For an hour, the engineer pilot will make you discover, with many anecdotes, the secrets of his car. With him, the return to the future is guaranteed …

*Out a Drive in Gaillon in the Eure, information Dimitri Soulivet: 07 52 11 18 30

Back to the future by Robert Zemeckis in 1985, with Michael J. Fox, Christopher Loyd …


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