The daughter said goodbye to her father through the hospital window

AmericaLindsey Fairchild, the nurse, captured her father’s last moments through the glass window of an Ohio hospital, before his death from Covid-19.

Fairchild’s job is to care for the most severe Covid-19 patients at a Florida hospital. Last month, she was in a completely different position – the patient’s relative – as she watched her father dying through the window of the hospital room.

“At that time I wanted to break the door to get in with my dad,” she said.

Her father, Wayne Oney, an animal lover, liked the sea and was able to talk to anyone he met, Fairchild recalls. He died on November 8 at Atrium Medical Center, Middletown, Ohio.

Before her father’s death, Fairchild had taken a photo of him lying on a hospital bed and the nurses surrounded. She wants to show everyone how Covid-19 has affected the patients, their families and the medical staff.

“It’s a frame of glass that reflects the pain,” she shared the photo on her personal page.

The last picture of Mr. Wayne Oney before he died of Covid-19, was taken by his daughter through a glass window. Image: Lindsey Fairchild

“It is a husband, a father, a grandfather and a friend about to leave without anyone in the family seeing off. The nurses have to take turns holding the cold hands of the sick. people are dying. Time after time, “wrote the daughter.

Oney, 69, has mild asthma and diabetes but is in good health. At first, he had a cough, high fever, general pain, and chills. After that, he was hospitalized and taken directly to the intensive care unit. On the 10th day, his health deteriorated.

“He coughed a little, then couldn’t breathe, the paramedics had to be intubated,” said Fairchild.

Over the next few days, her father’s condition worsened. Fairchild flew to Ohio to see her father. As soon as she arrived, she knew he had no hope.

“It’s not my dad anymore, it’s just a corpse in bed,” she said.

After 26 days of fighting Covid-19, the Fairchild family made the difficult decision of accepting her father’s death.

Fairchild hopes her family’s story will force others to have some pause to reflect on the impact of nCoV on themselves and those around them.

“We have to act to protect our neighbors, our community and our country, even if we don’t know who they are. The responsibility is not exclusive to the health-care workers, the elderly, and the sick,” she said. It is everyone’s responsibility. “

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