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The cyclist was overtaken by Land Rover, the car owner was fined about 99 thousand rupees

In India, of course, people flout the traffic rules fiercely, the police avoid taking action against expensive cars, but in Britain, there is a lot of strictness regarding traffic rules. How strictly the rules are followed here, it can be gauged from the fact that the Land Rover owner has to pay a fine of about 99 thousand rupees for overtaking the cyclist.

what is the whole matter

According to the report, 52-year-old Paul Nigel Miley has a Land Rover car. Recently, he was going somewhere while driving it. During this, he started trying to overtake a group of cyclists going through the country lane. Because of this, a cyclist lost his control and he started falling into the ditch. Although he somehow managed himself. He also suffered some injuries after the fall. The entire incident was captured in a camera mounted on a cyclist’s helmet.

When the video went viral, the police came into action

After this the video started becoming increasingly viral on social media. After this the footage reached Operation Snap of Northamptonshire Police. When the police started investigation, it came to know that the incident is of June 11, 2021. After this, the challenge of identification of the accused was before the police. The police immediately put this video on social media and sought help from the common people in identifying it. As soon as the accused was identified, the Magistrate Court of Northamptonshire imposed a fine of 1 thousand pounds i.e. about 99 thousand 270 rupees on this person on the charge of negligent driving.

Some people came to the rescue of the car driver

However, there have been 2 votes regarding this action on social media. While one side is telling it right, the other side came to the rescue of the owner of Land Rover. Seeing the footage, people advised the police that the man driving the Land Rover had left enough space for the cyclist. Even after this, if the accident happens, then the driver of the car is not responsible for it. Therefore it is not right to take only one-sided action.

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