The culprit caused an early morning stroke

Early morning, cold weather causes blood vessel constriction, leading to high blood pressure, uncontrolled, increasing the risk of stroke, heart attack or heart failure.

“The blood pressure index increases by 5mmHg, which will lead to an additional 7% of the risk of stroke”, Associate Professor Nguyen Sinh Hien, Director of Hanoi Heart Hospital, said at the Scientific Conference of Cardiology 2020, date 18/12.

According to the Ministry of Health, each year Vietnam records about 200,000 new strokes, 80% of which are people with hypertension. Nearly 40% do not know the disease, 69% are not controlled. The disease is easy to detect with a simple but often overlooked blood pressure measurement, since high blood pressure often has no symptoms.

“It is cold, the rate of stroke patients going to hospital increases about 20% compared with normal weather”, Mr. Hien said.

Doctor Hien explained, cold weather causes blood vessel constriction, leading to increased blood pressure, especially in the morning. The circadian rhythm of blood pressure is characterized by a decrease in blood pressure during sleep and a gradual increase while awake. Morning high blood pressure increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke. Even patients with well-controlled blood pressure still have up to 50% of morning blood pressure higher than normal.

High blood pressure can cause stroke, sudden loss of brain function due to lack of blood supply to the brain. Morning hypertension can also increase your risk of other heart and blood vessel problems. It even leads to heart attack or heart failure with symptoms like severe headache, chest pain, and numbness or tingling in the face or arms.

Some causes of high blood pressure in the morning, such as the normal circadian rhythm of the body in the morning, releasing many hormones; Because of using steroid medicine or drinking too much alcohol can also cause high blood pressure in the early morning.

A heart surgery was performed at Hanoi Heart Hospital. Image: Hung Ngo.

Doctor Hien recommends, to prevent cardiovascular disease, stroke by controlling blood pressure is very important. Blood pressure should be checked in the morning, about an hour after waking up and in the evening about an hour before bedtime. Eating well, avoiding tobacco, alcohol, and regular physical activity will control your blood pressure.

“Cold weather, especially the elderly, should keep muscles warm, exercise indoors, eat less salt, monitor blood pressure, when the index is high, the dose must be changed according to the doctor’s instructions, to avoid the risk of sudden shock. stroke, “said Dr. Hien.

Dr. Hien said that patients who go to the Hanoi Heart Hospital for cardiology examination increase rapidly each year. 15 years ago, the hospital received more than 11,000 patient visits, by 2020 it increased to nearly 355,000 patients, more than 30 times. The number of inpatients also increased by nearly 14 times compared to before.

“Living under stress, changing diets, increasing life expectancy … are the causes of increasing cardiovascular disease, especially stroke,” said Dr. Hien.

In the past, the stroke cases would have left a huge impact, such as paralysis, mouth distortion, and even death. Now, modern cardiovascular treatment regimens are updated continuously, saving many patients without leaving sequelae.

Hanoi Heart Hospital is the last-line hospital specializing in cardiology. In recent years, the hospital has deployed many modern techniques on a par with other countries in the region and the world, complete in the field of cardiology with 5 key points: surgery, intervention, internal medicine, pediatrics and cardiology. metabolic circuit. Each year, the hospital transfers many technical packages to 16 satellite hospitals, helping local patients to access more treatment.

Le Nga