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The crop top of discord

As many parents now know, the crop top is a cropped T-shirt that shows the navel. It features prominently in the teenage locker room. He was also at the center of passionate debates on social networks and even in schools at the start of the school year. Indeed, on September 14, college girls mobilized throughout France against “The correct dress” imposed by the internal regulations of the establishments. In front of the sling, the Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, summoned to take sides, recommended to dress in “Republican way” at school. Feminist associations have supported the approach of young girls, believing that it was up to boys to educate their eyes.

→ EXPLANATION. The question of the “correct dress” required agitates the school environment

The virulence of the debates does not surprise the sociologist Jean-François Amadieu (1). “Of course, each generation claims to wear clothes different from those of the previous generation, he explains. But the crop top is unique in that it reveals a part of the body – the waist – which is not neutral. The delicacy of the size is, in our contemporary societies, one of the essential criteria of beauty. “

In our opinion

This garment would be both necessarily “sexy” and would contribute to the tyranny of thinness. “This fashion has developed on social networks through advertising or reality TV shows which all show women with a very thin waist, in order to better sell their products since this is the image that most appeals to men,” considers the sociologist. Do young girls really want this? “

The current debates provide a good opportunity for family discussions. Admittedly, the “look” of adolescent girls is a subject of regular negotiation. Make-up, heels or miniskirt length… the points of disagreement have always been as varied as the imagination of fashion designers. The debates over the crop top are therefore just another version of these family negotiations. Once again, parents can encourage young girls to think about their reasons for adopting this garment. Is it to please themselves? Is it also to enter, unconsciously, into codes of seduction and give in to an implicit male injunction: a girl must be sexy and naked? They can also slip that Quebecers speak of “paunchy sweater”, enough to instantly lose its glamor in this garment of discord and perhaps see it disappear from the locker room …


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