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The craze of yoga also showed in Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and America

8th International Yoga Day: Today is the 8th International Yoga Day around the world (8th International Yoga Day) is being celebrated. On this day people gather and do yoga and work to spread awareness about yoga in the world. In view of the importance of yoga in human life, International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on 21st June. This time too, the whole world was seen in the color of Indian yoga. People from many countries of the world including Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and America were seen doing yoga.

Yoga Day was first celebrated in Fiji at around 3.15 am this morning. After that the Yoga Day program was organized at the Sky Tower of New Zealand. At the same time, yoga was practiced at the Queensland Cricket Club in Brisbane, Australia. People practiced yoga at the United Nations Headquarters in New York at around 4 am.

Craze towards yoga shown in the world

For the first time on International Yoga Day, people in Fiji practiced yoga at around 3.15 am Indian time. This event was held in Albert Park, Fiji. After Fiji, Yoga Day was celebrated in New Zealand. Yoga was organized here at the Sky Tower in which a large number of people took part. So in Australia too, people practiced yoga in the morning. People practice yoga at the Queensland Cricket Club in Australia. At the same time, yoga was organized at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Theme of International Yoga Day 2022

Every year a new theme is kept on Yoga Day, about which people are very excited. According to the information received by the Ministry of AYUSH, this year the theme ‘Yoga for Humanity’ has been chosen. Which means Yoga for Humanity. Keeping this theme in mind this year, Yoga Day is being celebrated all over the world.

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