The Covid-19 vaccine in Vietnam must be fully injected before 5/5

The Covid-19 vaccine batch supplied to Vietnam by Covax will expire on May 31. Health Minister Nguyen Thanh Long asked to complete the vaccination by May 5, instead of May 15 as expected.

Associate Professor Duong Thi Hong, Deputy Director of the Central Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, said the use of vaccine Covid-19 does not exceed two months. This is a new vaccine, safety information is continuing to be updated.

At the online conference to strengthen the prevention of Covid-19 with 63 provinces and cities, on the morning of April 16, Minister Long emphasized that because May 31st is the expired vaccine, the localities must quickly deploy. Any dose of vaccine must be canceled due to lack of vaccination. The requirement is “where to inject, safe to get there”.

“If localities do not organize all vaccinations, the Ministry of Health will recall the vaccine and widely announce it,” the Minister said.

The Ministry of Health has received more than 800,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine from Covax supplied and distributed to 28 localities, continuing to organize vaccination as planned. As of this morning, it has vaccinated more than 73,000 people.

As noted by the National Expanded Immunization Program, about 33% of people who received a shot had a common mild reaction after getting a shot. Most were local reactions such as pain, itching, redness, and mild fever. These reactions all go away on their own after a day or two without requiring any treatment or medical attention.

Vietnam has recorded about 1 một (one in a thousand) cases of an overreaction after the Covid-19 vaccination. Currently, the health of these reactions has stabilized, they return to work after 1-2 days of follow-up.

The Ministry of Health also noted that the level of post-injection response in Vietnam was lower than other countries. “Including the 5-in-1 vaccine in the expanded vaccination program, which normally has a response rate above 50%,” said Long.

Associate Professor Hong said that the institute issued “Manual for Covid-19 vaccination practice” for local use.

On April 15, the Ministry of Health established an immunization safety steering committee to assist localities in handling excessive cases after vaccination, including cases of thrombosis. Experts will consult and support the line with more than 1,500 remote examination and treatment points across the country.

AstraZeneca vaccine is being vaccinated at the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Hanoi, on March 8. Image: Giang Huy

The Ministry of Health recommends that Covid-19 vaccination facilities must ensure standards of facilities, equipment and human resources; perform screening, counseling before vaccination and organize safe vaccination sessions.

Persons vaccinated must stay at the vaccination site for at least 30 minutes after vaccination to monitor health status; follow-up at home for at least 24 hours followed by and continued follow-up for up to 3 weeks after injection.

The hospital is always ready and standing in the emergency department to prevent severe reactions after vaccination to ensure maximum safety for the person being vaccinated. At the same time, the category of people against immunization contraindications in Vietnam is also wider than that of other countries.

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