The country’s largest Covid-19 hospital ‘completes its mission’

Ho Chi Minh CityThe last patients were discharged on March 19, the Covid-19 Resuscitation Hospital carried out the procedure to close the largest ICU center in Vietnam at the end of March.

The entrance to the admission area today is deserted, no longer crowded, urgently transporting patients from the ambulance to the emergency department like at the peak of July-August last year. The departments are closed, only a few staff members are on duty on weekends. The beds are empty of patients, and the equipment is ready to be gathered to the equipment warehouse for handover procedures.

Helping with luggage and seeing off the last two patients discharged from the hospital, Dr. Ngo Viet Anh expressed his relief, “excited for completing the mission”, the medical staff is about to go home and return to work. normal work after more than 8 months of fighting. “Many patients did not survive, but many passed the death door and recovered to return to their families,” said doctor Viet Anh, adding that the medical team here had faced a lot of pressure during the epidemic. the biggest, has never-before-seen experiences in life, leaving many valuable lessons.

The 1,000-bed intensive care unit (ICU) Covid-19 Resuscitation Hospital has been in operation since July 16, 2021, when the epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City was at its most stressful stage. The hospital was formed from the rapid transformation of functions from the Oncology Hospital 2, treating severe and critical patients, implementing the strategy of “limiting patient deaths” of Ho Chi Minh City. This place is called by some international experts “the world’s largest Covid patient resuscitation hospital”.

During the peak period, about 3,000 medical staff with 74 medical teams from 63 provinces and cities across the country came to support here, which doctors likened to “the United Nations hospital”. Many retired doctors actively contacted to apply for hospital service. Doctor F0 still volunteered to work for colleagues to reduce their hardships.

Over the past time, Ho Chi Minh City has gradually adapted to Covid, the number of hospitalizations, the number of serious patients has decreased sharply, “Covid-19 Resuscitation Hospital has completed its mission”, Dr., Doctor Nguyen Tri Thuc, Director Director of Covid-19 Resuscitation Hospital and Director of Cho Ray Hospital, said. From February until now, the number of patients at the hospital is about 10-15 cases. The hospital proposed to stop operating and return the facility to the 2nd Oncology Hospital.

On March 18, the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City approved the hospital to stop accepting patients. From now to the end of March, the hospital completes procedures such as paying for shopping expenses and paying benefits for medical staff; inventory of assets, equipment, medical supplies and drugs; hand over medical records; make a settlement report.

Doctor Vo Tan Luc, Cho Ray Hospital Emergency Department, Covid-19 Resuscitation Hospital, recalls the peak days of continuous work, napping for a few hours a day, never having witnessed the fighting spirit. Everyone’s feelings are so high, the feelings of brothers and sisters are close to each other like a family. “The good thing is that closing the hospital means that the city no longer has many serious patients,” said Dr. Luc.

Doctor Luc expressed his pain, despite his best efforts, but could not hold on to the lives of many other patients. Many patients who were healthy the day before, talked to the doctor, the next day got worse and fell into critical condition, unable to be saved. “We promise patients to help reunite their families, encourage them to try, but medical science is limited, patient response is limited, so the promises we can’t fulfill.” , Doctor Luc shared.

The last patients left the Covid-19 Resuscitation hospital, March 19. The 62-year-old female patient, who lives in District 8, said that she was very happy to be the last to be discharged from the hospital, and at the same time expressed her gratitude to the doctors and nurses for “taking care like family, not afraid to get dirty. clean patient care. Photo: Le Phuong

Out of more than 5,000 patients treated at the hospital, 70% recovered and returned to their families, back to life. Many people have been spectacularly revived from death, with doctors trying to win their lives with all their strength, medicine, and the most modern means of resuscitation. “30% of patients cannot survive, which is an inexhaustible regret, torment, and concern for doctors and nurses when going through the war,” said Doctor Thuc.

According to the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City, after the Covid-19 Resuscitation Hospital stopped working, 6 hospitals are responsible for maintaining the ICU beds to treat patients with severe Covid-19 including field hospitals. 3 floors, 14, 16, Tan Binh multi-storey field, Military Medicine 175, Tropical Diseases, Cho Ray. The city continues to maintain field hospitals and Covid-19 collection and treatment facilities of the district, Thu Duc city.

All general and specialized hospitals in the area are required to set up a Covid-19 treatment department or unit to receive cases of acute illness with a positive Covid-19 test.

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