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The country which is famous all over the world for music, art and sports

Wonderful Story of Sri lanka: ‘The country is not a map made on paper’, this is the line of famous Hindi poet Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena. His saying is also true because the identity of any country is more by its famous and attractive things than its geographical location. 

Sri Lanka is a small country full of natural beauty and art culture. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean on all sides, this island is called the king of traditions and heritage. That is also because the temples here have always been the center of tourist attraction. The people of this country have been making jewellery, masks, lac ware and porcelain for centuries. The work done on it is famous all over the world. People from far and wide reach Sri Lanka to see the art of the country. 

Sri Lankan Folk Dances and Songs

Sri Lankan music has a long history. From indigenous music to the adoption of various musical styles around the world, Sri Lankan music has developed extensively. According to history, ancient people sang folk poems to reduce their loneliness, sadness, fatigue etc. Then, it evolved into folk music. 

The most highlighted forms of Sri Lankan traditional or country music…

1. Tamasha (Pageantry) 
2. Kolam and Puppetry ( Kolam and Puppetry) 
3. Nurthi Music 
4. Sinhala Light Music 
5. Classical Music) 


Sports is a very important part of their culture in Sri Lanka. Although the national sport of this country is volleyball, but cricket is liked the most. Apart from this, rugby union is also popular. Apart from this, football, netball, athletics, football, basketball and tennis are also played here. If we look at the cricket history of this country, the most talked about World Cup was played in the year 1996. Sri Lanka won for the first time in this World Cup. In which Sri Lanka had to play with Australia. Playing first, Australia scored 241 runs for the loss of seven wickets. In response, Sri Lanka achieved the target for the loss of three wickets and became the winner of the World Cup. 

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