The collective wedding of 20 doctors and nurses who postponed their weddings against the epidemic

Ho Chi Minh CityIn the middle of the campus designed like a romantic forest, 20 couples of bride and groom who are doctors and nurses of Military Hospital 175 were radiantly happy at the collective wedding night of February 20.

The stage is designed with dozens of ancient porcelain roots, the aisles are filled with heather flowers and yellow leaves. The wedding program includes performances of Ao Dai, reenactment of stories of doctors and nurses in epidemic hotspots, wedding dress performances of couples… Former Standing Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh, former former Prime Minister Vice President Truong My Hoa, President of the Vietnam Women’s Union Ha Thi Nga… came to celebrate with the couples.

Colonel, Dr. Tran Quoc Viet, Deputy Director of Military Hospital 175, said that during the past two years of the Covid-19 epidemic, many young doctors and nurses as well as some frontline units rushed to fight the epidemic. not hold a wedding ceremony, enjoy the natural happiness of the couple when they have registered their marriage. Up to now, when the epidemic has eased, the hospital leaders decided to hold a group wedding to partially compensate for the disadvantage, and at the same time encourage and appreciate what the young people have contributed during the past time. .

Major General, Associate Professor Nguyen Hong Son, Director of Military Hospital 175, the host of the wedding ceremony, expressed “happiness in special circumstances, special spaces, with nature, time and place. especially”. He thanked the couples, who had the courage to put everything behind them, fight to the death and return victorious, and said that “all that we do today for you is still alive and well.” is not enough”.

The bride and groom appeared on a stage designed like a romantic forest, right in the middle of the hospital campus, during the mass wedding ceremony, on the night of February 20. Photo: Le Binh

Military Hospital 175 received the support of many individuals and organizations, especially designer Minh Hanh, to organize weddings for medical couples in the art program “Living Circuit” on the premises. institute. The couples in bride and groom costumes, take wedding photos on the helipad on the roof of the building as well as the hospital campus. They are sponsored with wedding rings, blankets, sheets, pillows, domestic flight tickets for their honeymoon…

Designer Minh Hanh said that the image of frontline doctors during the recent peak of the epidemic moved her heart, urging her and her colleagues to quickly complete the collection of Ao Dai with traditional silk materials. reconstructing the journey of doctors and nurses present in the hottest, farthest and most risky places such as field hospitals, emergency services from Truong Sa, United Nations peacekeeping forces in South Sudan.. “They are the heroes, who worked diligently, made silent sacrifices, put aside all their personal affairs, forgot about their private happiness, including organizing a wedding to engage in battle.” Hanh shared.

Many times delaying the wedding

Bride Hoai Thu (Department of Dentistry) and groom Van An (Department of Surgical Resuscitation) fall in love when joining the “green beret” force of Level 2 Field Hospital No. 1 on a United Nations peacekeeping mission. Quoc in South Sudan, 2018. Returning to Vietnam, the couple planned to have a wedding in early 2020. Due to the outbreak, the wedding was postponed to the end, then moved to 2021.

“A girl’s life is only once to wear a wedding dress, get on a flower car, hold a wedding that has to be postponed and postponed, but I still can’t organize it, I love my wife very much,” An expressed. Hoai Thu was pregnant when her husband participated in the fight against the epidemic and could not stay by his side to take care of him, so he was even more sorry for his wife’s disadvantages. She used to “cry like rain” when she heard that her husband had Covid-19 during F0 treatment, but she could not be there to take care of her. When the epidemic was under control, Ho Chi Minh City returned to the “new normal” when their son started to walk.

In the same situation as his colleague, Doctor Nguyen Canh Chung (Emergency Resuscitation Department), directly entered the intense battle to treat severe and critical Covid-19 patients, when his wife – also a doctor at the hospital. Hospital – nearly two months pregnant, both families are far away. In the early days, the number of patients increased, the hospital still lacked equipment, sometimes two women who needed ECMO breathing were admitted to the hospital but only one machine was left. Thinking of his pregnant wife, along with the doctor’s conscience, he proposed splitting the ECMO machine in half. This plan was approved by the hospital council and experts, helping two pregnant women then make a spectacular recovery and be discharged from the hospital. On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, his first son was also born healthy.

His wife has not yet been allowed to board the flower car, even though she has prepared the wedding procedures since a year ago. “When the hospital held a mass wedding, I registered immediately because I still owed my wife a wedding, just a little worried because my wife just gave birth,” said Dr. Chung and said that “this is the most meaningful wedding.” for us, right where the couple works.”

Photo: Le Binh

The F0 couple recreated the proposal scene. Photo: Le Binh

Meanwhile, nurse Tran Thi Thuy Hang took care of the F0 when the hospital set up the Covid-19 Treatment Center, from July 2021. Before the Lunar New Year, she was able to see her fiancé again after more than half a year of separation, but still wore a mask and limited contact to ensure everyone’s safety. At the peak of the epidemic, hospital admissions increased, she and her colleagues did not have time to rest, and the wedding plan had to be postponed. The couple maintains contact through free calls after her shift, to know each other is still safe.

Her fiancé had Covid-19 last October but kept it a secret for fear of her worrying and affecting her work. “It wasn’t until I recovered from the illness that he told me, I felt helpless, unable to do anything. I went to fight the epidemic and take care of Covid-19 patients, but my loved ones got sick but couldn’t be around. “, shared Hang.

The couple Le Thi Huynh Nhu (employee of the Quality Management Department, Military Hospital 175) – Tran Tan Loc (lecturer of the Electricity College of Ho Chi Minh City) also repeatedly planned to get married and then put it off. Siblings love each other from the green summer volunteer program, 9 years ago, got engaged in the middle of last year. The city had an outbreak, Huynh Nhu participated in the fight against the epidemic, took samples for community testing, did not have time to prepare, so the wedding was postponed.

Groom Luc said he appreciates his wife’s profession. Normally, husband and wife often meet to eat at the weekend, until the epidemic broke out, Nhu had to ban the camp, which made him very worried. “I prepare fruit and food to bring to the hospital and hang it on the fence for my wife,” Mr. Luc said.

Bride Huynh Nhu and groom Tan Luc.  Photo: Hieu Khue

Bride Huynh Nhu and groom Tan Luc. Photo: Understanding Khue

Working together at the Department of Anesthesia and Resuscitation at Military Hospital 175, nurse Hoang Van Huy and his wife, nurse Ha Thi Kim Cuc, could not forget the date of July 18, 2021, the wedding day in the plan was also the day he arranged. clothes and suitcases to go on a mission at the Covid-19 Treatment Center. “The feeling at that time was hard to describe,” Kim Cuc said.

A week later, Cuc also took up the task in the emergency department, directly receiving patients with Covid-19. During the months of fighting the epidemic, working together at the hospital, but the two could not see each other, only occasionally looking at each other through the iron door in rare spare moments.

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