The chronicle of Eric Neuhoff: Dying can wait, last stand or arm of honor of James Bond?

CRITICAL – The twenty-fifth adventure of the secret agent and the last release of Daniel Craig was presented in preview in Paris. An episode of almost three hours which responds to the canons of the saga, nothing more.

Let’s drink to his health. He’s going to need it. James Bond bows out. Let’s raise our glasses of whiskey. Daniel Craig dons the secret agent’s tuxedo for the last time. These are farewells to Maurice Chevalier: the film lasts almost three hours. Nothing very new, except that the screenwriters (there are four of them, which is never a good sign) have two big surprises in store, which decency forbids to reveal here.

There has always been an “organized travel” aspect to the saga. Fans of exoticism will not be disappointed. There is the depths of Norway where we discover the episode that traumatized Léa Seydoux when she was five years old. We find it today on the arm of the hero on the roads of Italy. She tells him to speed up. He replies that they have plenty of time. Indeed. The title should have warned us. That good old Aston Martin. It is still metallic gray. Its headlights are lowered to make room for machine guns. Exhaust pipe

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