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The childhood that always comes back to us, for better or for worse

“The oranges I eat today have retained that Christmas taste”

Marie-Thé, retired, 66 years old

“When I babysit some of my seven grandchildren, I immerse myself in my childhood. I am happy to tell them how I lived as a child, and they love it, they want more. Recently, when we came home from school, we picked up some acorns. Then, once at home, as in the past, I used match stubs to link them together and transform them into characters.

Childhood nostalgia, a source of creativity and wonder

Along with the hut we had built in the garden with my brothers and sisters, it was, at the time, almost my only toys. And yet, I was never bored. My grandchildren, who have so many things and who can’t do without their phones, find it hard to believe. They also find it hard to imagine that we can receive an orange as the only gift on December 25th. But that was my case. Besides, the oranges I’m eating today have retained that Christmas flavor. »

“To be truly yourself”

Thomas, 37, labor inspector

“At work, when I am in inspection or in contact with a user, I obviously put on my adult and serious civil servant cap. But when I’m alone with my colleagues, out of sight of our superior, humor often takes over. Perhaps more that of the teenager than that of the young child. In any case, these situations offer us to laugh, to smile and to let another part of ourselves speak. In short, to really be yourself. »

“An Antidote to Anxiety”

Sandra, pedagogical advisor, 24 years old

“When I think back to my childhood, it’s almost only the good memories that come back to me. When I’m not feeling well, I sometimes seek refuge in my old photo albums. Childhood and its carelessness then constitute an antidote to the anxiety that too often overcomes me. »

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“I have not finished taming this experience”

Euriel, organizer of language training, 61 years old

“Childhood, from time to time, comes back to me, with its dross. Like today, when an appointment brought to the surface the memory of painful events. A few hours later, while I was walking in a Breton port, the sound of the masts in the wind brought me back in a much more pleasant way to my young years: instantly, I saw myself again in the West Indies, in a small boat with my father and my brother, crossing from Fort-de-France to Sainte-Lucie.

Childhood builds us, sometimes positively, sometimes not. This experience explains some of my inhibitions, some difficulties I may have in communicating. I haven’t finished taming it. »

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“The freshness of the gaze of childhood”

Dominique, photo-reporter and cameraman, 72 years old

“In my job, I have always tried to preserve the freshness of the look of childhood. I still feel today the curiosity that characterizes the very young being. Journalism allowed me to travel. And this mode of discovery has undoubtedly constituted for me, unconsciously, a way of prolonging the thrills of the time of the first times. »


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