The car company nightmare is about to end?

13/04/2021 10:04 GMT + 7

Intel has just announced a plan to handle the chip crisis that is causing waves for the world car industry.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said on April 12 that the company was in talks with chip design firms for cars about making these chips at its factories. Chips can be produced by Intel within 6 to 9 months, instead of having to build new factories that take 3-4 years.

The supply increase will be a big support for carmakers facing production disruptions, factory closures, and inventory depletion due to lack of chips. Intel will seek emergency assistance to companies that are suffering, including Ford Motors and General Motors. In addition, Intel has also started connecting with some of the major chip suppliers.

The comment was made by Mr. Gelsinger after the White House held an online meeting with leaders of semiconductor manufacturers and customers. The administration of US President Joe Biden discussed the chip crisis as well as the need to revive the domestic semiconductor supply chain. Attendees were Dell CEO Michael Dell, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, General Motors CEO Mary Barra, CEO Micron Sanjay Mehrotra …

Appeared at the meeting, President Biden said, bipartisan support to consolidate domestic semiconductor production. This is part of his larger infrastructure investment plan. Currently, the most modern microprocessors are in charge of foreign countries, mostly Taiwanese, Korean and Chinese enterprises.

Meanwhile, US officials are increasingly concerned about the influence, when focusing on manufacturing such important components in an area close to China. Concerns are even higher amid current chip scarcity.

According to Mr. Biden, “China and the rest of the world are not waiting. Therefore, there is no reason for Americans to wait. We will invest heavily in areas such as semiconductors and batteries. That’s what they’re doing, so we must be ”. The White House boss emphasized the importance of “building the US supply chain so that we never have to depend on another country” for essential industries like semiconductors.

The role of Intel

Intel competed for a spot to support US officials last spring. After the new CEO Gelsinger’s strategic changes, the company may be perfectly suited to do this: Last month, Intel announced it would invest $ 20 billion in two new chip factories in the US. The company also plans to launch a new division called Intel Foundry Services to process chips for other firms with the goal of winning customers with Asian rivals like Samsung and TSMC.

After the meeting on April 12, Mr. Gelsinger confirmed that the bipartisan and industry recognized semiconductor manufacturing as an important part of infrastructure, must be present in the American Jobs Plan (American Jobs Plan).

In addition to boosting domestic semiconductor production, Intel Foundry Services hopes to generate new revenue for the company as other businesses are under great pressure from competitors. Nvidia recently announced the launch of server CPUs, directly competing with Intel in the lucrative data center market. Intel shares fell more than 4% following the news, while Nvidia shares rose nearly 6%.

Previously, Nvidia focused on graphics processing chips (GPU) and data processing chips (DPU), used in the data center in addition to x86 CPUs from Intel, AMD and others. Nvidia is committed to the new CPU-based systems – Grace – combined with its GPU will be 10 times faster than systems based on x86 CPUs. The new chip is based on technology from Arm, which is being used by Apple, threatens the dominance of Intel x86 chips in computers.

Wayne Lam, senior research director at research firm CCS Insight, said that Nvidia is forming a new x86-ARM war, but on the high-performance computing front.

Du Lam (According to CNN)

Water, semiconductors and farmers

Water, semiconductors and farmers

Historical drought, Taiwan was forced to partially shut down its agricultural irrigation system to save valuable water for semiconductor factories.


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