The boy with multiple injuries escaped death

Hanoi23-year-old patient had a traffic accident, ruptured stomach, colon, liver, spleen, pancreas, emergency at Ha Dong General Hospital.

In the emergency department, the patient was lethargic, with abdominal pain, shortness of breath, shock and blood loss due to chest trauma, arm fracture.

Doctor Bui Duc Duy, Head of Gastroenterology Department, Ha Dong General Hospital, on July 6, said: This is a very complicated case of abdominal trauma due to damage to many organs such as stomach rupture, rupture of the stomach. ascending colon, ruptured liver, ruptured spleen, ruptured pancreas, gall bladder tear, right hepatic duct tear, hemothorax, right pneumothorax, left arm fracture.

“Patients can die immediately from hemorrhagic shock, respiratory failure,” the doctor said. Therefore, resuscitation and emergency surgery must take place urgently to increase the survival rate of the patient.

Immediately, the emergency team carried out active resuscitation, at the same time activated the red alarm in the hospital and mobilized a team of doctors from the specialties of Resuscitation – Surgery – Anesthesia – Hematology to save lives. sick.

20 minutes after admission, the patient was transferred directly to the operating room for emergency surgery to treat the lesions.

Doctor Duy said that the patient had to cut part of the stomach, right colon, hemostasis of the liver, cholecystectomy, biliary drainage, splenectomy, removal of the two ends of the intestine as an stoma, and drainage of the cavity. pleural membrane, fixation of the left arm bone at the same time, combined with intravenous fluids, blood transfusion, and intraoperative resuscitation. During surgery, the patient received 9 units of red blood cell mass and 6 units of fresh plasma.

Doctor Bui Duc Duy re-examines the patient after surgery. Image: Hospital provides

After nearly a month of treatment, the patient can breathe on his own, eat well, have good digestive circulation, and his internal organs recover well. The patient was aware and able to communicate, which is considered a spectacular “passing death” case.

This week, the patient will have a second surgery to close the colostomy.

Doctors recommend that, for traffic accidents that are determined to have broken organs, especially cases of solid organ rupture such as liver, kidney, and spleen are very dangerous. Patients need to be diagnosed early and operated immediately to save their lives.

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