The boy drank the wrong oil for the lamp

A 13-month-old boy in Dong Nai, breathing tired after drinking the wrong paraffin lamp oil, was taken to HCM City for emergency.

When he entered the Children’s Hospital No. 2, he had difficulty breathing, had a drop in blood pressure, an X-ray showed severe lung damage caused by inhalation of chemicals. The doctor quickly supported breathing by machine, used powerful antibiotics to control lung infections and heart-assisted medicine to stabilize hemodynamics.

On March 12, after nearly 48 hours of hospital admission, receiving active treatment and close monitoring, the baby’s health was temporarily stable. Currently, the baby has reduced the parameters of the ventilator, stopped using the pacemaker.

The boy is being treated at Children’s Hospital 2, on March 12. Photo provided by the hospital.

The doctor recommends that paraffin lamp oil belongs to the hydrocarbon group, which is a volatile agent. When a child drinks the wrong way, absolutely do not induce vomiting due to the risk of inhaling the lungs and causing further lung damage. Do not use activated carbon to absorb toxins because it has no effect and slows down the emergency process.

Parents need to bring their children to the nearest medical facility for the doctor to evaluate the condition and manage respiratory support. Prevent accidents by using items containing hydrocarbon substances such as gasoline, kerosene, paraffin must have a lid, keep out of reach of children.

In February, a 15-month-old girl, living in Binh Tan district, drank the wrong oil for the lamp, her mother took out her throat to vomit, causing the baby to suffer from respiratory failure and lung damage. The doctor had to intervene with ECMO – an artificial cardiopulmonary technique – to help the baby stay alive.

Le Phuong