The booming second-hand market

A second-hand clothing sales area in an Auchan supermarket in Cesson (Seine-et-Marne). (ARNAUD JOURNOIS / MAXPPP)

The days of the La Redoute catalog are long gone! The brand inaugurates a platform for exchanges and purchases of second-hand products between individuals, which is called: La Reboucle.

The brand, owned by Galeries Lafayettes, has noted that half of its customers sell or buy second-hand products. On La Reboucle, you will therefore be able to sell all the brands second-hand, and not only items with the La Redoute logo.. Vou can be paid in cash or in vouchers supplemented by 25% by the group. Because the idea is to capture the money that circulates on this new platform to get these customers to spend afterwards, on the La Redoute site.

Kiabi, but also the Ïdkids group, better known through its brands Okaïdi or Jacadi, Auchan, too, and its partner site Patatam, or Système U, Carrefour, Leclerc also offer this type of service. Even more upscale brands, like Aigle, are coming there.

But La Redoute intends to distinguish itself by focusing on home decoration, a niche that is not very busy at the moment. Less in any case than second-hand clothes. With this new offer, she hopes to attract new customers

It attracts more and more people especially in times of crisis. It’s cheaper, it avoids waste, it’s more ecological and it appeals to young people, but also to seniors.

One of the mastondotes remains the Vinted site, with its 12 million users in France, but other e-commerce giants are arriving. The French Cdiscount has just launched its resale platform between individuals. Suffice to say that the second-hand market is promising. According to a recent study, one in two French people will buy second-hand products to offer them for Christmas.

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