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The bird cage

Garden center trip this morning with two of our granddaughters. Since we have nothing to buy three times, we are content to stroll in the aisles, for fun. The roses take up a whole space and these young ladies can’t get over the discovery of so many different varieties. Names amuse them: a lot of female first names, baronesses and princesses and a few stars – especially from yesterday – who don’t mean much to them. Maybe we need an Aya Nakamura rose, another dedicated to Angèle, yet another to Louane – but maybe they already exist …

Instantly the girls were arguing to drive the nearly empty cart. Suddenly the grandparents find themselves alone pushing him. They have disappeared! Don’t panic, I think I know where to look for them. Won! We find them at the pet store, noses glued to the glass of the aquariums, captivated by the stroll, however unsurprisingly, of Nemo, the clownfish, and his congeners. In front of the vivarium, Zélie and her little sister prefer to keep their distance: even asleep, snakes do not make them dream too much. A few more steps, and here is the bird’s corner. Impossible, this time, to detach the two little girls.

Paloma, the summer of my ten years

As in the fable, they admire feathers and feathers. Then compete in imagination to give a nice name to each inhabitant of the colony. Now, they never take their eyes off the seller who, delicately but without hesitation in the gesture, comes to puncture the cage of one of its small occupants. I guess they secretly dream of adopting one of these colored balls but they dare not claim.

→ TESTIMONIALS. What grandparents want to pass on

In a little while, they will undoubtedly be less shy with their parents… I will have to tell them about the turtledove Paloma, the summer of my ten or eleven years. I had gone out of my way for an old friend of the family, who had tamed her, to give it to me. He was certainly reluctant to part with it… After a year or two, Paloma no longer interested me, I had to find another foster family.

The garden show

These days, three more grandchildren will be stopping over at home. This time, no garden center on the program, but the garden offers an equally fascinating spectacle. The boys will be hoisted up to the nest box in turn. By extending their arm, they can deposit some seeds. From the window we will soon see chickadees and robins approaching in skillful maneuvers.

Without borders, birds move from our garden to that of our neighbors, they come back, they do not stay still. To surprise them, you need a little patience and not be distracted: the commando operation, when they dive headlong into the small feeder, barely lasts a second. But what a reward, when you’re four or seven, to have managed to spot their merry-go-round!

“Open, open the bird cage”, invites Pierre Perret in the chorus that our children took up in chorus at school. You can always sing, but in the garden there is no cage to open.


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