The big French brands continue to impose themselves in the world despite the crisis

Their notoriety is even on the rise. This is what emerges from an international ranking established by the world’s leading independent business valuation group.

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The notoriety ofFrench companies is on the rise, according to financial analysts. Next toTraditional financial rating agencies such as Moody’s or Standard and Poor’s), the ranking established by Brand Finance takes broader criteria into consideration. This firm measures the power of brands according to three main criteria: the image perceived by consumers and company employees; investment which includes products, prices and promotions; performance in terms of margins and revenues generated.

French brands are doing better than their European, German counterparts in particular. A bit as if the biggest companies had forgotten the health crisis. We have come out of the trough before the war in Ukraine, which does not seem to affect the companies concerned too much either. After the 11% drop recorded in 2020, this year the total value of the 150 French brands studied is up 13% compared to 2021, which is equivalent to an increase of 48 billion euros in value as such.

With the exception of oil, gas and automotive, all sectors have returned to growth with renewed competitiveness. In the lead: the luxury sector with the Louis Vuitton brand (subsidiary of LVMH) which takes first place on the podium thanks to a valuation of 20 billion euros, up 60%. Then come the telephone group Orange (2nd) with a brand value of 16 billion euros, then the insurer Axa (3rd), 15 billion euros. Down: the TotalEnergies brand.

This performance of French brands is explained by investment, image with consumers and profit margins. On these three points which ensure the prize list, Brand Finance believes that the spring of vitamins is explained by the ability of French brands to refocus and reinvent themselves, thanks in particular to the public support plan which was put in place during the crisis. This made the difference in particular with Germany, the strongest of our competitors in the euro zone.

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