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The big claim in the book was to leave his engineers hungry on the island, Elon Musk! There was no supply of food

New Delhi: A major claim has been made in a book about Elon Musk’s company Spacex. The book claimed that in its early days, Spacek Company founder Alan Musk left engineers hungry on an island. Its employees also revolted.

Arce Technica’s space editor Eric Berger, in his book ‘Lift Off’, tells many stories of the early days of the spacex. In the same book, it is claimed that in the early days the engineers of Spacex lived on an island in the Pacific Ocean, named Omelech. Engineers here were preparing the setup for the launchpad and the Falcon-1 rocket. Many times a situation came to light that the food on the omelec was destroyed.

In his book, he told that in the year 2005, a situation also occurred that the food for the employees on Omelec was over. Things reached such that people had come to the brink of starvation. These employees also revolted it.

Rebel workers

He claimed that the first year goods were not properly supplied to Omelec. Many times the supply was stopped. Due to which the employees working there had to live without food. At the same time in 2005, there came a time when the employees raised this issue and came up on revolt. Employees went on strike, forcing the company to supply emergency supplies.

It is said in the book that the employees living on the omelec were considering themselves as slaves at that time. At the same time, on the day the employees came on strike, the managers of the spacex had also reprimanded the engineers. However, the engineers were fueled by the absence of food and cigarette supplies. After this, the company had to send chicken and cigarettes with the help of helicopters at night itself. After this, the employees came back to work.

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