The Best, the homosexuality of young people in a popular neighborhood

CRITICAL – Through an impossible love story, Marion Desseigne Ravel subtly approaches homosexuality in a North African community.

To escape summer boredom, Nedjma and her friends find themselves on a bench. But not just any. The flashy pink white that overlooks the square. Nobody settles there without their permission. So when Zina, a newcomer to the neighborhood and cousin of Yousra, flouts the unspoken rules and sits down on this colorful bench, war between rival gangs is inevitable. And the love story, impossible.

With Best, Marion Desseigne Ravel candidly depicts the importance of reputation in working-class neighborhoods. The “filthy” and the “pisseuses” engage in a conflict of bands, because here, it is not only a question of bench. It’s about honor. The “girly” color of the bench is the opposite of the aggressive altercations between the two bands of girls. Violent battle in a laundromat or publication on social networks of compromising videos, the worst filth is required to preserve their image.

Usually tough and aggressive, Nedjma…

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