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The beauty queen of Romania became ‘very beautiful’, the reason for her removal from her job

The former Romanian model and winner of several beauty contests has made strange revelations over her resignation. 27-year-old Kaloudia Ardelen has claimed that she was forced to resign from a hospital job. The reason behind this became his ‘very beautiful’.

Is it a crime to be ‘very beautiful’?

Last week, he was offered an unpaid post on the hospital board. Ardelen holds a double degree in Law and European Ethics. Able to live up to his new job, Ardelen posted a picture on social media to remember his success. She wrote in the post, “I am thankful for the support and trust of the Cluj National Liberal Party!”

Strange disclosure of Romanian beauty

Ardelen got the job on 8 February and shared the post on the same day. But soon he was forced to remove the post. Many users commented that he got the job not because of his ability but on his attractive face. With the continuous criticism, the Board of Directors of Cluj City Council reconsidered its ‘decision’.

Members of the board of directors immediately summoned Ardaleen to resign. Soon he was shown a way out of his job. Surprised by the decision, he told Business magazine, “Some people’s reaction has been superficial. According to my resume, I have the necessary skills and education to justify my reinstatement to that position.

By profession, I am a lawyer in a notary office, hold a double degree and am constantly getting professional training. Even I am an entrepreneur because I have a hostess agency and an event management company. Unfortunately, prejudice is still found in Romania. But I believe that beauty should not affect or hinder people’s professional careers. “

The president of Cluj Couciel admitted last week that he felt bad about forcing Ardalen to be sacked, but confirmed it had to do so to avoid any ‘suspicion’ or a bad image related to his appointment. After leaving his job, Ardaleen is now serving as a lawyer in a private company.

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