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The beautiful vitality of baby books

Imagine a fabric book in the shape of a pig which, once taken out of its case, unfolds to reveal the famous rhyme (A little pig hanging from the ceiling). Or a charming bee, connected by a thread, which the child browses from page to page, to discover the surprises of the garden. “Everything becomes possible, or almost! “, rejoices Inès Adam, responsible for publishing at Tourbillon, a specialist publisher, bought by the Bayard group three years ago.

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The house titles, around 40 each year intended for 0-3 year olds, give pride of place to manipulation. Lift shutters, pull tabs, spinning wheels, pop-ups, material books, all the senses are called upon. “The game promotes learning, she slips. Twenty years ago, most publishers just bought ready-made books made in China. They are now developing research around the book object and real know-how in terms of manufacturing, in compliance with very strict safety standards. “

An influx of new talent

Author-illustrator Grégoire Solotareff, head of the “Loulou & Cie” collection at L’École des Loisirs for twenty-five years, notes an influx of new talents: “Before, only young illustrators felt concerned by this age group. Today, many authors, who have become fathers, are in turn interested in the extraordinary relationship that is created with the little one around a book, in this magical way of making him discover the world. “

With the inflation in the number of publications, competition is fierce and, to stand out, each publisher develops specific skills: audiobooks at Gallimard Jeunesse, fabric books at Tourbillon … The School of Leisure favors cardboard with great freedom Creation. “We even made a 120-page book, The Book of Noises by Soledad Bravi, which sold 300,000 copies ”, notes Grégoire Solotareff, anxious to promote color and cheerfulness in the titles offered.

The beautiful vitality of baby books

“We address small readers as we address our own children. We are not trying to be revolutionary. Rather than the parents, often cautious in their choice, we want to please the child, that he comes back to the book himself because it speaks to him. “ His latest creation, a Picasso picture book, offers a unique look at art, through details taken from the painter’s paintings: “With this great inventor of signs, no explanation is necessary. “


The children’s book and press fair outside the walls

Health crisis requires, impossible to wander this year among the stands of publishers in the hall of Montreuil. But the traditional exhibition of the show, around large format images from recent albums, will be hung outside, place Aimé-Césaire, as well as in 200 libraries across France. Bookstores are mobilizing to highlight selections of books and organize meetings with authors. A mosaic of virtual events will finally be visible on the show’s website and on a television channel created for the occasion on TNT channel 34 and via numerous boxes. On the program, from December 2 to 7, readings, bookstore favorites, interviews and workshop visits …


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