The Batman: Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman Puts Her Claws Out in New Trailer

Three months from its release, the film dedicated to DC Comics’ most popular superhero highlights the most equivocal ally of the protector of Gotham City.

She throws herself from the top of a building, certain to land on her feet. Catwoman, the ambivalent heroine of Gotham City, is not afraid of anything. After Michelle Pfeiffer, Anne Hathaway and – alas –
Halle Berry, Zoë Kravitz lends her features to the mutineer Selina Kyle in The batman. The daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonnet incidentally steals Robert Pattinson the star of the new trailer for the film, which is due for release on March 2. A subtraction that perfectly suits the character she embodies, seasoned burglar and virtuoso of the coup de théâtre. And a good word, too.

“Don’t worry honey, I have nine lives”, she launches, as a bullshit, in front of a Batman who begs her not to throw his life in the air. Before precisely launching into the void. Of course, Catwoman’s acrobatic antics will not have the sole purpose of making spectacular dramatic outings. Castagnes, chestnuts and other chestnuts are part of his repertoire. Like cats, eternal traveling companions of this strong woman from the DC Comics hero lineup. “I have a weakness for stray animals”, she launches, darting her gaze at Robert Pattinson’s Batman, with whom she teams up in the film.

Enigmatic Mystery Man

Faithful to the first images unveiled in recent months, the vigilante grinds down. Under the relative secrecy of his mask or drenched in the thick, sticky Gotham rain, Bruce Wayne presents a harsh, tormented face. Hieratic at best. The millionaire who hunts down the vile and the rascal by night is accused of not being among the number of philanthropists in the metropolis. No reaction from the heir full to the aces. Emaciated features, eyebrows as arched as a gothic arch, the man does not yet know how to play flamboyant playboys.

Matt Reeves’ feature film takes a step back from the Batmanian gesture. The director of Cloverfield and the last two films The Planet of the Apes declared that he wanted to seize the hero still entangled in his clay. A young Batman, in contrast to the aging hero played in recent years by Ben Affleck; as well as a more tortured version of the flawless character played by Christian Bale in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy.

Against this Robert Pattinson fresh from his bat-cave, Matt Reeves draws the Mystery Man – The riddler, in its Anglo-Saxon name -, psychopath with enigmas. This troublemaker of the charade was exuberantly embodied by Jim Carrey in 1995, in Batman forever. This time, the role falls to Paul Dano (Swiss Army Man, Okja). Its goal? “Unmasking the truth about this cesspool we call a city”. What infamous reality will he reveal? Answer at the beginning of March.


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