The Batman: a well-established superhero stuck in a sticky universe

NEWSPAPER- If Robert Pattinson perfectly embodies and reinvents the role of the dark knight, the realization of Matt Reeves does not always make a good impression.

Difficult not to cling to the dark Robert Pattinson. According to the French and international press, his appearance is perfect for playing the role of the dark knight. He represents a modern, authentic Batman, but perhaps a little too depressing.

For Le Figaro , Matt Reeves “offers a dark and sticky version of Batman. He arrives after the gothic Tim Burton, the heartbreaking Joel Schumacher and the untouchable Christopher Nolan, but is not content to iron the dishes. It retains the DNA of the creature invented by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, orphan Bruce Wayne turned philanthropist by day and dark knight by night“. Étienne Sorin insists on the fact that the American director “above all immerses the superhero without superpowers in a vertiginous, operatic and visceral film noir “.

After Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale and Ben Affleck, it is Robert Pattinson’s turn to play the batman. Far from his playboy looks, he finds the dark character that had revealed him in the saga Twilight. The actor manages to transcribe the violence of the character, while not hesitating to endow him with an unprecedented sensitivity in cinema.“says the Journal du Geek. “A tour de force that would almost make us forget those who preceded it“. The British actor at the top, mixing mystery and nostalgia, also seduces CNET: “an impressive Robert Pattinson gives it unparalleled chest and power, capable of convincing the most skeptical spectators.”

Flawless? Not really. The lack of dynamism of the production is underlined in red lines by The Washington Post. “The plot does not thicken, it is frozen by the wind of explanatory speeches which overload the slightest action scene or the slightest surprise”, sighs Ann Hornaday. variety deplores the construction of the man in the mask, far too much “autonomous and serious” and regrets the humor that has disappeared from the franchise in the pompous achievements of Christopher Nolan.

The inspirations of Matt Reeves

Matt Reeves revives and modernizes this iconic hero but does not hesitate to dig into his origins “The scenario presents itself as a return to the very origins of the DC Comics comics from which it comes: it is Batman before Batman», confirms The Parisian. The director also does, according to Le Figaro referring to Joker, released in 2019 “The Batman by Matt Reeves is the answer to the Joker by Todd Philips » and pay homage “at the Scorsese of MeanStreets and Freedmen.”

In this new Batman, the action takes place two years after Bruce Wayne’s first steps as a superhero. The lone vigilante is confronted by a criminal, psychopath named Riddler who seeks to prey on the elites of the grim city of Gotham City. The Riddler is the “mirror of the vigilante” according to VSined series. His connection to Bruce is also through the absence of a heroic father figure.. A much more intimidating and diabolical villain than in older versions of the detective story. In his pursuit, Robert Pattinson allies himself with the beautiful Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz) and opinions differ concerning this secondary character. According to The echoes, “The mischievous SM touch, usually brought by Catwoman, seems very timid here. Zoë Kravitz lacks situations to feed a character whose destiny is barely sketched out by the script”. On the side of New York Times the association of the two is more than necessary and pleasant. “The pungent alliance that forms between these pointy-eared masked cosplayers adds a much-needed element of romance with a hint of just noticeable kink.” The relationship between the two superheroes cuts through its heavy moments and the atmosphere “demoralizing”.

“Matt Reeves succeeds in renewing the myth of Batman »

The critics are finally quite unanimous on one point: with its 2h55, the longest film ever made on Batman seems poorly controlled. “The director dares to take too long before falling into line for an agreed finale”, deplore Paris Match.

Flaws that do not prevent the film from transmitting a certain pleasure, according to The Dauphine “Matt Reeves succeeds in renewing the Batman mythos and moving it away from its older, more hardened avatars.”

The Batman by Matt Reeves. In theaters from March 2.


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