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The “Baby Shark” phenomenon is a hit with children

If you do not have young children, you may be one of the lucky parents, some will say, who have escaped the phenomenon. Baby Shark (“Baby Shark”). This song with its catchy melody and minimalist lyrics is a hit with the little ones and sometimes even with some adults.

What is it about ? From a South Korean nursery rhyme published on YouTube in 2016 by the production company Pinkfong and which has become, since its translation into English, a worldwide success. The video, in which two children do a choreography on a cartoon background, today exceeds 10 billion views. A record in the history of the platform.

A tube that talks about family

The strike force of social networks is incomparable. And with the increase in the rate of digital equipment of the world population, we have to get used to these audience records which are obviously not a guarantee of quality. However, Baby Shark does not seem devoid of interest, despite formatted content.

“This nursery rhyme is not to everyone’s taste, but it includes elements that appeal to children such as family, enumeration, repetition and situations that play on fear, analysis Agnès Chaumié, musician, partner of the Enfance et Musique association. What makes a tube work is quite inexplicable, but you have to recognize the value of the tube, which is to create something common. What is regrettable, on the other handshe continues, is that there is not more diversity on the Internet. Apart from YouTube Kids, there are no musical proposals with an artistic approach for toddlers. »

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Alice, senior executive and mother of two little girls, admits without complex ” love ” Baby Shark. My grandma discovered this song at the leisure center when she was 5 years old and when you know that they also listen to big rap hits, I find it rather nice. It happened to me several times to dance on it with my daughters. Unlike my husband, who doesn’t like it. »

In our opinion

Baby Shark contains the necessary ingredients to seduce toddlers but it is not forbidden to offer them other things. If the offer is limited, especially on YouTube, it is important to make them listen to more poetic and more sensitive songs because, even very young, children are able to appreciate.


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