The baby has anaphylaxis after eating bread

The family knew that his son had a wheat allergy since he was a child, but did not seek medical attention and treatment. Instead, parents let their children learn to eat each bit of flour in the hope that their body will get used to it. Sometimes, the baby once ate half a bread, nothing out of the ordinary happened, parents rest assured that their allergy was gone.

A week ago, at a birthday party, she ate a whole burger. After that, the baby had a rash all over the body, had difficulty breathing, and quickly lost consciousness. When moving to the hospital, the patient’s condition was very critical, and doctors were immediately rescued with anaphylactic shock regimen.

“Luckily arrived at the hospital in time, she passed away after a week of hospital stay, not having to dialysis”, Dr. Le Quynh Chi, National Hospital of Pediatrics, shared this case at the conference Immunology – Allergies – Joints, December 4.

According to Dr. Chi, the number of pediatric patients suffering from allergic – immune – joint diseases is increasing, on average, 10-15% per year. Common allergens are antibiotics, vaccines, food, milk, seafood, nuts … Of which, for allergy to antibiotics, the department receives an average of 10 patients per week.

Research of the National Hospital for Pediatrics shows that up to 94% of children under two years old have a history of 1-3 times allergy to food, nearly 60% of children have clinical manifestations after a few minutes to less than an hour. Clinical characteristics of food allergy are diverse, children have mild symptoms in the skin, mucosa, digestive system, respiratory system … 15% of children suffer from systemic allergies, the most severe is anaphylaxis.

“Anaphylaxis is the most serious allergic reaction, if not promptly emergency, children can die within minutes”, Uncle Chi emphasized.

Food allergy usually occurs on a sensitive, genetic basis. The cause is determined by the weak digestive enzyme system of the infant, the permeability of intestinal cells is higher than that of the adults, the decreased concentration of IgA antibodies … Children with food allergies often accompany diseases. other allergies such as eczema (90%), 10% have bronchial asthma.

When a child shows signs of allergy, it should be taken to the specialist for advice and treatment to help the child sustainably reduce the allergy, without excessive abstinence. Do not arbitrarily let children learn to eat foods that are allergic. To desensitize children, it is necessary to have a specific regimen, re-test specific antibodies in the blood.

Dr. Chi also noted that children with allergies, parents need at least 1-2 pens for adrenaline injections indoors or let them take them when they go to school or go out.

“When a child has anaphylaxis, it is necessary to have 1-2 injections of adrenaline immediately and then quickly move to the emergency hospital, avoiding serious complications that cause death,” said Dr. Chi.


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