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The author of ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ murdered her husband, convicted by the court

Murder Case: How To Murder Your Husband, Nancy Crampton-Bro, a 71-year-old novelist who wrote an essay, has been convicted of second-degree murder for her husband’s murder. According to The Independent, the 63-year-old chef, Daniel Brophy, was found dead in June 2018 inside the Oregon Culinary Institute in the US, where he worked. He was shot in the back and chest. Three months after the incident, Nancy was arrested and charged with murder and has been in prison ever since.

On Wednesday, a Multnomah County jury in Portland found Nancy guilty of second-degree murder. During the five-week trial, prosecutors argued that Nancy was motivated by money and a life insurance policy. However, Nancy denied having any reason behind killing her husband. He said that cashing in on a portion of Mr Bromphy’s retirement savings had largely solved his financial problems.

Cellmate said that Nancy inadvertently told the truth
However, on May 18, Nancy’s cellmate Andrea Jacobs told prosecutors that the 71-year-old had inadvertently disclosed details of her husband’s death. According to the New York Post, Jacobs said that Nancy told him that her husband had been shot twice in the heart. The novelist has also described in detail the distance from which she shot her husband.

Prosecutors said Nancy had the same make and model of the gun that was used to kill her husband. He was also seen in surveillance camera footage on his way to and from the Oregon Culinary Institute. Police never found the gun Nancy used to commit the crime, however, prosecutors alleged that the novelist had replaced the barrel of the gun used in the shooting and then discarded it.

The defense gave this argument
On the other hand, the defense claimed that Nancy’s purchase of the gun was for research into her work as a novelist. He portrayed the prosecution’s case on the basis of circumstantial evidence throughout the proceedings and even exposed his client’s marriage to love. In addition, Nancy testified that her presence near the Culinary School on the day of her husband’s death was a mere coincidence and that she was in the area to work on her writing.

Nancy Crampton-Brophy will be sentenced on June 13. Significantly, she was once known as a prolific novelist, whose books like The Wong Lover and The Wrong Husband were published.

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