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The arrival of Corona’s new variant ‘Omicron’ in America stirred up, know what the White House said

Omicron Variant: The Omicron variant of Corona discovered in southern Africa last month has now spread to 25 countries. Actually, the new strain of Kovid has now knocked in America (US) and UAE as well. Giving information about the new strain on Wednesday, the White House has confirmed the occurrence of one Omicron case each in the US and UAE. With this case, this variant of corona virus has spread to 25 countries so far. At the same time, before this, the World Health Organization had told that till now the infection of this new strain of virus has reached 23 countries.

However, scientists are constantly studying about the danger posed by new variants. Let us inform that the world, which has been battling two waves of Corona, is now already alert for the third wave. Along with finding out about Omicron, many countries had banned travel to African countries as a precaution. President Joe Biden’s administration also banned travel from South African countries at the end of last month.

According to the information received, the person infected with the new variant has been traced to California. He returned to the United States from South Africa on 22 November and tested positive seven days later. Although he had been fully vaccinated.

The number of countries with the variant presence will increase further

At the same time, World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Wednesday that 23 countries from six WHO regions have reported cases of this variant of the corona. He also cautioned other countries that there is a possibility that the number of countries with the presence of this variant will increase further.

WHO believes that this new variant of corona virus may soon spread all over the world. In the coming days, the number of infected people may also increase. At the same time, WHO is currently trying to find out how dangerous this virus can be and how much it has the ability to neutralize immunity. Apart from this, WHO has also appealed to all countries to increase the vaccination speed.

Many countries imposed strict restrictions

With the detection of Omicron, there is an atmosphere of fear once again in the whole world. All the countries are imposing strict restrictions to save their country from its infection. On the one hand, travel restrictions in Japan have been tightened to deal with virus infection. On the other hand, after getting an infected patient of Omicron, America has tightened the rules of investigation for international travelers. Austria has extended the lockdown till December 11 as a precaution. Apart from this, Portugal has advised people to wear masks even inside homes.

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