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The army opened fire on protesters protesting against the coup in Myanmar, 114 people died on the previous day

Policemen and the army opened indiscriminate fire on people protesting against the coup last month in Myanmar, in which 114 people have died. On Saturday, on the occasion of Armed Forces Day, bullets were fired on protesters at many places across the country. Women and children were also among those killed. The United Nations, European Union, America and England have condemned the Myanmar Army on this.

Protests have been taking place from place to place in Myanmar since the coup. So far, more than 400 people have lost their lives in demonstrations released since February 1. While in Myanmar, protesters were being fired on one side, during the parade organized on the occasion of Military Day in the capital Nepeta, the military ruler Senior General Min Aung was talking about providing security to the people.

Government TV had already issued a warning

Government MR TV in Myanmar had already issued a warning on Friday night that protesters could be shot dead on Saturday in protest on the road on the occasion of Armed Forces Day. Regardless of this, a large number of protesters came out on the streets of Myanmar. Online news website ‘Myanmar Now’ said that 114 people have died in the firing of security forces across the country. 27 people died in Yangon, the country’s largest city, while 40 people, including a five-year-old child, were killed in Mandalay.

Getting condemned internationally

In Myanmar, the international pressure on the army that has been overthrown by the coup is increasing. There has been widespread condemnation internationally for these killings and several diplomatic missions in Myanmar have issued statements that mention the killing of civilians, including children, on Saturday.

British Ambassador Dan Chag said in a statement that “the security forces have lost their reputation by firing bullets at unarmed civilians”. The US embassy says the security forces are “killing unarmed civilians”. Meanwhile, Dr. Sasa, spokesperson of the anti-military regime group (CRPH), said, “Today is a shame for the security forces.”

The EU delegation to Myanmar said on Twitter, “The 76th Myanmar Armed Forces Day will be remembered as a day of terror and disrespect. The killing of unarmed civilians, including children, is an act that has no defense. “

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