The application calling for the Capitol Hill intrusion has been removed on Android, iOS

This is considered to be one of the largest social networks for the far-right group to operate.

After the riots on January 6 at Capitol Hill, Washington DC, many Social Network Major measures have been taken to handle the accounts of US President Donald Trump, as well as many radical supporters of Trump.

Many Trump supporters have urged users to switch to other platforms like Parler, which still has a policy of comfort to the far right. However, Apple and Google don’t want to support Parler.

Application not to call me the capitol 1

Parler is a social network chosen by many far-right groups after being locked out of accounts on Facebook, Twitter. Photo: Getty.

Google on January 9 announced it would remove Parler from the Play Store app market, unless the social network applies forms of content censorship. A day later, Apple also said it removed Parler from the App Store, after the developer was unable to provide a concrete plan for censorship, filtering extreme content from the platform.

“We still find direct threats of violence, or calls for illegal conduct. These are not enough to cope with an explosion of dangerous, objectionable content online. this society”, Bloomberg quoting Apple’s response to Parler’s announcement.

However, the app can still return to iOS if it proves its ability to filter dangerous content, Apple said.

Android and iOS users who have downloaded Parler will not be affected. Deleting an app from the store only prevents new people from accessing it, or makes it obsolete, incompatible with new operating system updates.

Bloomberg Apple’s actions are even tougher than Google, because the Android operating system allows the installation of apps through many other ways, while iOS users can hardly install without using the App Store.

Parler describes himself as a “unbiased, free speech, oriented to protect users’ rights” social network. This social network was quickly loved by the far-right group after many accounts on Facebook and Twitter were deleted.

According to investigation of Guardian, Parler and another social network, Gab, became a place where far-right groups plan to discuss riots in Washington DC.

During the event, multiple accounts shared paths to avoid the police, the best tool for breaking door locks. People also sent pictures of themselves holding guns toward Capitol Hill.

Application not to call me the capitol 2

This social network has been removed from both the iOS and Android app stores. Photo: Medium.

On January 6, after riots in the US capital, Parler became the most popular free app on the App Store.

Parler CEO John Matze said that Apple is applying standards for Parler that they cannot meet themselves. Reply Reuters, this leader said acts of violence and violence have no place on his social network.

However, the most painful blow for Parler may come from Amazon again. On the morning of January 10 (Vietnam time), the company said it would stop providing server services for Parler, forcing the social network to find another provider or suffer inaccessibility.

In its response, Amazon said that Parler had violated the rules of use, and would cut the service at noon January 11 (Vietnam time).

According to the Zing

Facebook, Twitter ‘abetting’ the riot at the Capitol?

According to BuzzFeed, the plan to attack the Capitol on January 6 has been publicly discussed on social media for weeks but has not been processed.


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